The boys behind Little Bang Brewing

Recently we sat down with Fil and Ryan from Little Bang Brewing in Stepney, SA. First brewing in Fil's garage back in 2013, Fil and Ryan are some of the pioneers of the SA craft beer scene. Since those days in the garage they have expanded (twice) into bigger and bigger spaces with bigger and bigger tanks just to keep up with demand for their delicious drops.

The Love and Other Drinks February pack included Little Bang's Face Inverter. An extremely tart yet delicious beer that is sure to get you mouth puckering. Face inverter also recently took out the inaugural GABS Can Design Award for 2020.

1. Why did you guys start Little Bang?

It was a hobby that got out of hand. We both loved home brewing, and geeking out about fermentation in general, so much so that we both ended up working in and around the beer industry. The day came when it seemed perfectly reasonable to throw a few kegs of our craziest homebrews out into the world, just for giggles; just to see what would happen.

2. When you were still brewing in the back shed, did you think you would end up where you are now?

Side question, is there yet another step to your expansion anywhere in the future?

We had NO IDEA this would even become a full time gig, let alone reach the size it is now. It's never felt like we were pushing Little Bang to grow though. If anything we still feel like we're chasing this ever-growing snowball, trying to keep up with where it wants to go. We don't have specific plans to grow much further, but whenever we say that an opportunity presents itself, and if it feels right we'll probably go with it.

3. What were both of your epiphany beers? The one that introduced you to the world of craft.

It's impossible to pick one. Here's a list:

Pilsner Urquell

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brown

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

4. What's your biggest beer disaster anywhere from homebrew days to the full size kit?

We've had some real doozies over the years, but my favourite would have to be an attempt at an experimental peach wine. It formed into a giant yellow snot ball, then self-siphoned out of the fermenter and physically escaped the building across the floor. One of the strangest things I've ever seen.

5. Where did the idea for Face Inverter come from?

We'd been making these nice, refreshing little fruity sours for a while and with this one we decided to just dial in the sourness as far as we could possibly dial it. We aimed to hit the pH of actual lemon juice. The really tough part is making it tasty.

6. All your labels are pretty unique, who is the mad genius behind the concepts and the artwork?

It's always a collaboration. Initial ideas can come from anyone, then Ryan acts as the creative director, working the idea with the team and one of several illustrators, or with our lead designer Matt. It's a long process, even if it sometimes looks like one freaky idea, it's plenty of people's time and effort to hone it into the best version of itself.


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