An interview with Jamie Huffam from Love and Other Drinks

What’s your origin story? How did you end up on the Love and Other team?

I’ve always been drawn to vibrant social atmospheres and great booze. Knowing this, it makes sense that I’ve spent the last decade exploring all different avenues & opportunities in hospitality. A fortunate series of events led me to meet future business partners while working as a bartender at NOLA Adelaide, and then later when being involved in the ownership team for the Stag Public House. Love and Other Drinks was the result of joining forces with like-minded, passionate individuals. What began as a creative solution around COVID-forced venue closures has transformed into a platform for our team to share our passion with customers on a much larger scale.  

What drinks are tickling your fancy at the moment? 

I find myself matching drinks to the situation or scenario I’m in. For example, on a Sunday arvo you can find me sitting in the sunshine with a charcuterie board and buttery Chardonnay in front of me (think LEKO or Bink for great examples). For nights where the mood (and consumption) is high, it’s hard to turn down a few Negronis featuring gins from local legends Threefold and vermouth from Imperial Measures Distilling.

What do you think the next big trend is in the Australian Booze world will be? 

We’re already seeing quite a few alcoholic Seltzers sneak into the Aussie market after the rising popularity in America. We all know first-hand, after a big night it can be hard to jump back into wine or beer hence, we’re seeing a strong emergence also in premium pre-mixed drinks, with brands like 78 degrees launching their own canned gin & tonic range (which are delicious and refreshing). What really gets me hot under the collar at the moment is the current air of collaboration in hospitality. Brands, venues & individuals are recognising the value in uniting to bring about out of the box offerings & products. For example, the Stag Public House in Adelaide recently teamed up with Mischief Brew Coffee to create a delicious espresso martini charged with nitrogen on tap – how good!?

What gets you all jacked up to support Australian independent producers? 

Seeing Australian brands and producers starting to get recognition on the global stage over the past few years really gets me going! Having met a lot of the faces behind the companies, knowing there are so many talented & passionate drivers behind the awesome products is really motivating. I’m super proud of what’s being achieved, particularly as I consider a lot of our suppliers to be good mates!

Ok, we have a little game for you. In February’s wine pack, you need to choose three wines to fit the following categories. Smash one, Cellar one Chill one GO……?

Smash the Edenflo Lemon Krush skin contact semillon, Cellar nothing – they’re too good to not drink now, chill a The Brothers Pinot. Chilled reds are underrated. So are redheads.

We know that you love a good tear every time you hear hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, as we all do. But what drink would you also choose for this majestic moment? 

If you’re looking for a little feeling, nothing primes the tear ducts like a bit of whiskey in the system. I’m a big fan of Irish Whiskies, and found an Australian brand, Dobson’s, that make a triple distilled whiskey that resembles the flavour profile of Jamesons, but more refined. Delicious, smooth, and complements a good cry.

Ok, you are on a deserted beach with a corked wine bottle, how do you open in?

I was left deserted on the beach for bringing wine and no corkscrew, rookie mistake on my behalf. I’m taking my show and banging the s**t out of the bottom of the bottle until the cork is pushed out. Victory never tasted so good.


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